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Aged Plant

Residual Life Assessment

RLA studies ensure safety and integrity of equipment of the power plants to maintain its operating capacity for a longer period. Critical components like Turbine, Boiler & Generator which are exposed to high stress needs to be examined through electrical & mechanical tests. SIT has highly experienced professionals involved in RLA study of Boiler, Turbine and Generator in Power Station to improve plant availability factor and ensure better operations.

Residual Life Assessment Capabilities
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine

Renovation & Modernization

Most of the developing countries are addressing the power shortage issue through a major new build program and through Renovation and Modernization (R&M) of existing plant. SIT has been helping power companies bridge the power supply gap through Renovation and Modernization projects. Renovation and Modernization (R&M) is intended to improve the performance and reliability of existing power-generation facilities, and is cost-effective alternative to increasing the operational life of Power Plants. Through R&M, obsolete generation equipment undergoes technological upgrades to boost capacity and reduce emissions. Our projects are tailored to revamp degraded efficiencies and optimize existing generation capacity, thereby ensuring long-term profitability while keeping capital costs low.

Renovation & Modernization Capabilities
  • R&M of Gas Turbine
  • R&M of Steam Turbine
  • R&M of Boiler
  • R&M of BOP


Plant Relocation

Constant improvement in technology and carbon emission norms has forced many older power plants in developed economies to become unutilized or obsolete in the modern age. Performance of the aged plant degrades which affects the profitability of further operation, emissions, plant reliability etc. Some plant owners might decide to scrap the plant and restore site for further usage. Few owners sell the plant as used machineries and making more profit. Whatever the case may be yours, SIT has a solution for you.

SIT undertakes turnkey contracts for relocating used Power Plants. Relocation involves a complete range of services from Decommissioning to Refurbishment and EPC and ETC services. Decommissioning & closing a plant is a complex process. It involves handling the live electrical system, fuel gas purging, depressurizing of vessels, draining the tanks, venting the pipelines, etc. All the plant equipment must be decommissioned and liquidated or redistributed. Whether it is a complete turnkey plant relocation project or the relocation of a single item of plant, SIT have the experience and resources necessary to complete the task safely and timely. SIT follows an extensive code of environmental, health and safety policies to meet regulatory requirements required in all the aspects of relocation from decommissioning to site restoration. SIT also helps the plant owner in identifying the potential client for selling plant machinery & extends the support till engineering & installation at new site location.

Relocation capabilities
  • Trail Run & Decommissioning
  • Dismantling
  • Long term preservation
  • Packing - Seaworthy / Airworthy
  • Documentation
  • Special lifting operation
  • Engineering / Design (for new location)
  • Erection, Testing & Commissioning

Controls Retrofit

Modern industry is characterized by rapid changes in technology, higher expectations on reliability with a renewed focus on cost. SIT remains committed to offering services which fits the evolving requirements of our clients. Plant owners seeking to make the most of their existing equipment through upgrades, retrofits, and conversions face significant challenges. SIT offers modern control system solutions for existing power plant and process industries. Objective of control system up gradation is to improve the efficiency, reliability and reduce downtime. We offer various levels of control system upgrades (retrofits) to suit your needs.

  • Controls Retrofit capabilities
      • Digital Generator Excitation Panel
      • Turbine GE Speedtronic Mark 1 thru Mark VIe
      • Process instrumentation modernization