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We Build, We Maintain & We Renovate

Installation of new plant, O&M,  of an operating plant or relocation of an aged plant, whatever your requirement may be, contact us to know more about us.

SIT offers the complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction

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GE Speedtronic & Excitation

With an effective stock of GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts, SIT has the ability to support end users.

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Gas based CC/SC power plant

Natural gas power plants generate electricity by burning natural gas as their fuel...

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Hydro power plant

Hydropower plants can be classified in three categories according to operation and type of flow

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Water Supply System

Their function is to provide end-users with potable water with a sufficient pressure level.Nodes can be demand nodes or water sources.

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Water Treatment

Water treatment removes contaminants and undesirable components, or reduces their concentration

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Seawater desalination is the removal of salt and impurities from seawater to produce fresh water. Our desalination plants use a reverse osmosis process.

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Static Equipment operating & maintenance

Static equipment & Mechanical work, Power plant fuel gas treatment SD and turn around jobs, Hydrotest and pneumatic test.

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Operating open cycle & combined cycle gas turbines ( FRAME 5B ,FRAME 6FA, FRAME 9E)

Operating open cycle & combined cycle gas turbines ( FRAME 5B ,FRAME 6FA, FRAME 9E)

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Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Boilers, Electrical Generator, Diesel Engine, EOT Crane, Storage Tanks / Vessels.
Turbine Rotor, Buckets, Nozzles, Diaphragms, Transition Pieces, Combustion liner, Flow Sleeves, Journal Bearing, Thrust Bearing.
Washers, Stellite Strips, Tie Wire for Buckets, Nuts & Bolting, Strainer Screens and Rivets, Shims, Lock Plates, Gaskets, Caulking wire, Helicoil.
Transformer, AVR Panel, Surge Arrester, Insulator, Bushings, Relays, Circuit Breaker.